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Company Vision


Good at heart, good at behavior, long at run, long at last.

Fine longevity is our pursuit, Xinxing Runyuan is our mind.

With CSB high performance self-lubricating technology, we provide reliable and safe solutions while limiting environment impact and promoting personal protection. 


Environment Care

Our Contributions

  • Light weight product - Reduces raw material consumption.
  • Less friction operation – Reduces machine operation power consumption.
  • Less oil/grease needed – Reduces oil/grease pollution to the environment.
  • CSB products conform to ROHS and REACH regulations.
  • Energy and material saving activities are continuously taken during all manufacturing process. 
  • Comparing with traditional bearing production, the energy and material consumption of CSB Bearing is quite less. 

Environment management in CSB Self-lubricating Bearing manufacturing process

Inside CSB Company, all manufacturing activities must be controlled conforming to the rules and regulations of ISO14001. We never stop any possibilities to reduce carbon emissions and process cost by technical innovation and management improvement. 

  • Saving water consumption by improving cleaning and recycling technology.
  • Replacing traditional surface plating process with new developed process in order to reduce environment pollution.
  • Applying the recycling technology to reduce the consumption of oil and raw material.

  • Reduce paper consumption by using advanced management software system.

  • Optimized workflow helps to minimize previously abundant works. It helps to save office supplies.

  • Strictly control of waste gas, oil, water consumption and industrial residue disposal to reduce environment pollutions.

  • OHSAS 18001 management system is certificated to support the management policy of the company.

CSB declaration of hazardous substances management regulations

We declare that all the materials with the symbol of


are conformed to the regulations of RoHS (2011/65/EU) and ELV(2000/53/EC) as well as REACH(2006/12/18).


Material with this symbol conforms to the European RoHS directive.


On June 4,2015, The European Union officially issued the latest regulation (EU) 2015/863 and added another four HS in Annex II of (2011/65/EU) as the updated RoHS 2.0. They are DEHP, BBP, DBP and DIBP. The updated regulation limited the four mentioned HS should be not over 0.1% in weight of a single part of the material used for manufacturing the electronic devices.


ELV is a regulation issued by the European Parliament and Council concerning end-of life vehicles should be harmonized in order to minimize the impact of end-of life vehicles on the environment, thus contributing to the protection, preservation and improvement of the quality of the environment and energy conservation. The regulation clearly states that the following heavy metals are forbidden to be used in the manufacturing of new vehicles from the date of July 2003.

Among of all the materials, the four heavy metals are limited as below:

  • Cd≤100ppm (0.01%)
  • Hg≤1000ppm (0.1%)
  • Pb≤100ppm (0.1%)
  • CrVI≤1000ppm (0.1%)

Quality Assurance


Company Honors

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